Mental health of Masturbation

Looking Through The Connection Between Masturbation and Depression 

Most men and women use jerking off as a way to get that sweet, sweet dopamine rush. And why not? It’s free, you don’t need anybody, aside from a little help from your adult toys, but aside from that, you get a free pleasure without worrying anything. 

Knowing you get the feel-good chemicals flowing during orgasm, will it manage or help battling depression at the least? Let’s find out how masturbation is linked with depression. 

How Masturbation Helps with Depression 

If you’re alone, feeling depressed, can’t have sex but with sex toys in your drawer, then masturbation is your next big thing in getting your endorphins going, right? 

Certified sex coach Rodgers confirmed that masturbation makes people happy because of feel-good endorphins released after doing the activity. This improves someone’s overall mood and even fight off depression. On top of these good-feelings, masturbation can also give someone a sense of contentment and calmness which is difficult to combat for people with anxiety. 

Sex therapist Cooper also seconded this fact and mentioned that masturbation is associated with pleasurable feelings that reduce depressive symptoms. The pleasure of orgasm can lift someone up, and boost their mood instantly. 

In fact, many people actively masturbate as a coping mechanism to get off from stress or calm themselves down whenever they don’t feel good. Below are few testimonials from people with depression who felt masturbation has helped them one way or another. 

“Exercise and therapy are both great and helped lots with my mood and depression. I even took meditation classes before pandemic happens and I believed these things made me feel somewhat better. I tried the less conventional strategy too, ahem, it’s actually masturbation. Yeah, I know it sounds odd but cranking my favourite vibrator occasionally made me feel better once in a while.” – Abbey 

“I’ve read something on the net about masturbation affecting stress and depression in an exceedingly great way. So yeah, when I masturbate, I don’t really get into the details of how it really affects me with my depression but I feel the good-feeling afterwards, and that’s beneficial for me enough.” – Maddie 

“Self-pleasure and masturbation help me sleep better. At night when I’m having a hard time sleeping, I would get my sex toys and do it. Then afterwards, it always gives me a good night sleep and it just works for me, every time.” – Crystal 

The use of Sex toys is also considered to help with Mental Health.

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