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About Australian Mental Health Problems

Australian Mental Health Problems is the oldest Mental Health Association in Australia. It is an organisation of professionals, sufferers, families of sufferers, related organistations concerned with mental health and concerned members of the public. The Mental Health Association of Australia (Victoria) is part of the national and international mental health movement.

The aims of the The Mental Health Association of Australia (Victoria) are to:

  • Promote mental health and attitudes to mental health;
  • Establish collaboration with governments, individuals, and health related agencies, groups and organisations;
  • Make recommendations regarding mental health policy, implementation and services;
  • Encourage and initiate mental health research;
  • Encourage the highest standards in training and practice for the mental health professions;
  • Establish and support organisations which provide service, support and advice to the community;
  • Stimulate the development of informed public debate and opinion on mental health issues;
  • Work to remove the stigma associated with mental ill health.

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