About us

The Mental Health Foundation of Australia (Victoria) (MHFA(V)) is an organisation made up of people from all walks of life. It includes professionals, those living with mental illness, families of those living with mental illness, related organisations concerned with mental health and members of the public with an interest in mental health.

The Mental Health Foundation of Australia (Victoria) is the oldest Mental Health Association in Australia. Founded in 1930 as the Victorian Council for Mental Hygiene, then later the Victorian Association for Mental Health, the MHFA(V) has been part of the national and international mental health movement for over 70 years. It has played a significant role in establishing the current network of services and support for mental health consumers. Many of the organisations now prominent in the mental health sector had their beginnings as a part of the MHFA(V). 

MHFA(V) works to deepen understanding of the importance of mental wellbeing. Educating the community about available treatment options for mental illness is a large part of our brief, but our primary emphasis is on promoting good mental health and the means to maintain it.

The Foundation’s work has been fundamental to changing community attitudes and raising awareness of the importance of good mental health.

The primary aims of the Mental Health Foundation of Australia (Victoria) are:

  • To promote mental health and attitudes to mental health;
  • To establish collaboration with governments, individuals, and health related agencies, groups and organisations;
  • To make recommendations regarding mental health policy, implementation and services;
  • Encourage and initiate mental health research;
  • Encourage the highest standards in training and practice for the mental health professions;
  • To establish and support organisations which provide service, support and advice to the community;
  • To stimulate the development of informed public debate and opinion on mental health issues;
  • To work to remove stigma within the wider community associated with mental ill health