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The Mental Health Foundation of Australia (Victoria) is the oldest Mental Health Association in Australia, established in 1930. It is an organisation of professionals, sufferers, families of sufferers, related organisations concerned with mental health and concerned members of the public. The Mental Health Foundation of Australia (Victoria) is part of the national and international mental health movement.

Latest News

07.01.14 - Mood Disorder Support Group 2015

The free Mood Disorders Support Group meetings are held on the third Tuesday of each month from 7:30pm to 9:00pm. The meetings are for anyone with a mood disorder, with family or friends welcome to attend.


* The next meeting will be held on Tuesday 17 February 2015.


Meetings are held at:

Suite J, 450 Chapel Street

South Yarra, VIC, 3141
(Enter via Wilson Street. Parking is available at Jam Factory - 500 Chapel Street)

2015 Upcoming Dates

Holidays and Mental Health


Over the holiday season, LOOK for the signs and symptoms of depression/anxiety. LISTEN to what your friends and family members are saying about how they feel and if necessary, TALK about seeking help together.

 DO - It's helpful to:

•             spend time talking about the person's experiences with them

•             indicate you've noticed a change in the person's behaviour

•             let the person know you're there to listen without being    judgmental

•             suggest the person talks to a doctor or mental health professional

•             help the person to make an appointment and/or go with the person to see a doctor or mental health professional

•             ask the person how the appointment went

•             talk openly about depression and help the person to find information

•             encourage the person to exercise, eat well and become involved in social activities

•             keep in touch and encourage close friends and family to do the same.

Looking after yourself:

•             Don’t be afraid to ask for or accept help

•             Spend time with supportive and caring people

•             Keep track of your Christmas spending

•             Be realistic about what you can and cannot do

•             Remember to keep active; exercise is great for your wellbeing.

•             Get plenty of sleep

•             When drinking alcohol, do so in moderation


No one should feel like they have to keep silent about depression or anxiety.

 Beyondblue's info line - 1300 22 4636 - will operate 24/7 over the holiday period for anyone needing information on depression, anxiety and related drug and alcohol problems.

 Other National organisations have free telephone counselling or support lines &include:

•             Lifeline 131114

•             Kids Helpline 1800 551800

•             Mensline 1300 789978

•             Mental Health Line 1800 011511

•             Accessline 1800 800 944

 From: www.mlhd.health.nsw.gov.au/newsroom/your-mental-health-over-the-holiday-season

Community Education Seminar Series 2014


Diet Quality and Mental Health Across the Lifespan: Updates and New Directions

Presenter: A/Prof. Felice Jacka (Deakin University)

Unfortunately this Education Seminar was cancelled. Prof. Jacka has provided a video of the same seminar she gave at Deakin University in April 2014.

Victoria's new Mental Health Act 2014

Victoria's Mental Health Act 2014 is a key element to the government's mental health reform agenda, and places individuals and families at the centre of mental health treatment and care.

The Act involves significant changes to compulsory assessment and treatment of people living with mental illness. It will ensure that people living with mental illness and subject to compulsory treatment are supported to make or participate in decisions about their treatment and care. The Act also recognises the important role of families and carers in supporting the recovery of people living with mental illness.

The Mental Health Bill 2014 - An explanatory guide (86 pages)

Complete Victorian Mental Health Act 2014 (369 Pages - Indexed)